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     Welcome to my web page. My name is Peter Kolenic. I live in village Petrovany near to a town Presov (Eastern Slovakia). My favourite hobby is breeding pigeons, I raise English Pouters (blue), Pigmy Pouters (black and my new breeding brown), Cauchois, Takla and Lynx. I am a member of Slovak Breeders Association and Slovak Club of English Pouter and Pigmy Pouter Breeders. When I was seven years old, my father brought first pigeons for me and my older brother. These were fantails and Bohemian Pouters. Later (in 1969) my father bought one pair of English Pouters black. About 1972 I began with English Pouters (EP) blue, these I raise hither-to. E.P. was and are very popular in Slovakia. I raise Cauchois and Takla only short time. I show my pigeons year after year in the Slovakia and sometimes abroad. I like a lot of pigeons breeds but unfortunately I can´t breed more of them. I hope you enjoy my web page. I would like to thank my Slovak a Czech pigeon friends for cooperation a helping.


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How on earth, the leaning between two people, regardless of gender or sexual bearings, is unique and should be celebrated. Communication and emotional intimacy are indispensable in edifice and maintaining a salubrious relationship. Gay men have shown occasion and again that they are not afraid to be weak and emotionally expressive, primary to stronger and more intime relationships.
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